My favorite book series in 2021 (so far) is The Broken Earth Trilogy by NK Jemisin. My all-time favorite book is Tales from Moominvalley by Tove Jansson.

I am non binary, and transgender. My pronouns are they/them.

Kit Kuksenok, PhD

I've been doing some form of code and/or data work since 2006.

I studied Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (BA, 2010) at Oberlin College, and attended graduate school at University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering. For my Master's (2014), I worked in the intersection of machine translation and human-computer interaction; for my PhD (2016), I studied software production practices. Here is where you can find a list of my reseach publications. I continue to work on CSCW-flavored research projects as an independent scholar.

As of July 2021, I work as a Senior Data Analyst at Klang Games, supporting both user research and business intelligence. Previously, I worked as a software developer, primarily working on internal analytics tools and machine learning applications in production. My current preferred programming language is Python, which I've used since 2016.


I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. I did most of my growing up in the USA (Pittsburgh, Oberlin, Seattle). Since 2016, I have been based in Berlin. I speak English, Russian, Ukrainian, and now also German. I've studied Japanese and Latin in school, and I've worked on several constructed languages and scripts.

I have always been making visual art, and I have always been moving. My visual art projects are often an extension of the study of the body. I also practice and teach yoga as a contemplative movement practice.

My background in socio-technical research informs my artistic practice. For example, here is a recent work, based on a 2019 exhibition & performance with an exploratory simulation with Berlin-based artist Sage Jenson.

My code/data work experiences inform my artistic practice, too. For example, I have used (and sometimes made) tools for self-awareness and self-reflection since ~2007. Print/analog examples: Should I do the Thing? and Love-Song to a Future Self. I do not subscribe to lifehacking or the quantified self ethos; rather, I am interested in non-violent approaches that thrive with qualitative/imperfect data.

Last Updated: July, 2021