I'm Kit Kuksenok
(also: ksen zero / k0)

I am an artist and researcher based in Berlin.

Last Updated: May, 2023.
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Since July 2021, I teach weekly yoga classes at KALAA Yoga Berlin.


Much of this year, I conducted artistic research on building body knowledge through participatory performance, drawing exercises, movement practice, embodied sonic exploration, and discussion; supported by the School of Commons. Here is a flip-through of my artistic research journal accumulated during this artist residency, including some readings on the subject of understanding unseen body processes and internal communications (specifically, hormones).

CRITICAL DATA PRACTICE AT HOME AND WITH FRIENDS was published in Critical Coding Cookbook. This methodology also informed a workshop at the Weizenbaum Conference in Alte Münze, Berlin, June 9-10, 2022; facilitated with with Minha Lee and Christel de Maeyer.

Created #Sergina's Choice-Free survey Instrument v1.0 as part of an ongoing performance/art collaboration with artist Elly Clarke.


Throughout 2020 and 2021, I worked on various art/research projects on building body knowledge through reflection. In collaboration with Marisa Satsia and others.


In collaboration with Berlin-based artist Sage Jenson, an exhibition & performance with an exploratory simulation at the Workshop on Forster, Berlin. You can read more about our work here, or read one of our articles:

Jenson, S., & Kuksenok, K. (2020). How to Observe the Inner Space of a Complex Biological System through Speculative Simulation. Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts, 12(3), 9-24. https://doi.org/10.34632/jsta.2020.9489.

Illustration from a recent paper


Between 03.2018 and 02.2020, I ran Lost Mail, a monthly visual art and narrative puzzle, crowdfunded through Patreon. In collaboration with Cora Lee, and others.

For 3.5 years, starting in 2018, I was a coder working on B2B ("business-to-business") chatbots. As an R&D Engineer at jobpal, Ltd I mostly worked with natural-language short-form text, mostly in English and German. I have led and contributed substantially to various technical aspects of GDPR compliance in this product, and am delighted to talk about it!


Finished my PhD in Seattle and moved to Berlin, and during a number of major life transitions, started one of my favorite personal art projects, "Should I Do the Thing?".


Published a couple of early research projects at major human-computer interaction (HCI) conferences: a qualitative study of technology for foreign language-learning, and automatically detection emotion in chat messages.


Published and presented my first research project, completed mostly during undergraduate study with a lot of wonderful mentorship, on online information seeking for chronic illness management. The mixed qualitative/quantitative methods I learned during this project, as well as different approaches people have to tracking and understanding their chronic health conditions, continue influence my artistic and research practice, especially in self-tracking.

Photo of me and Elisa Lemma in the ZHdK Orgelsaal.

Body Songs (2022) was a participatory performance, co-presented with as part of of the echoing hills with Lili Huston-Herterich and Elisa Lemma at the School of Commons end of year show at the ZHdK Orgelsaal. A participatory performance using drawing, sound, and memory as vehicles for reflecting on bodily experience, specifically cyclic experiences. The audience was invited to participate in a co-constructed rhythmic vocal composition exploring the physical, mental, or energetic shifts that occur within their/our bodies during a day, a month, or a year. Pictured: k0, cueing audience body songs (left) and Elisa Lemma on pipe-organ (right)

Flowchart about making decisions.

Should I Do The Thing? (2016-2021) expresses as a diagram major life turning points; not really to make a decision, but to reveal the decision one already recognizes to be the right one.

Decorative image.

Work in progress: CORESIDENT (2020-present) explores the coresident beings in the human body, literal (skin microbes) and figurative (in the imaginative, mythological self-narration)

Getting Started with Expressive Data Practice (2021) is a very small set of p5.js tutorials based on the course materials for "Radical Imperfection in Time-Tracking" at Berlin's School of Machines, taught in 2021.