Kit Kuksenok, PhD

Hello! I'm a Berlin-based technologist & teacher. I hold a MSci (2014) and a PhD (2016) in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Washington (Seattle); and I am currently undertaking an MPA at the Hertie School of public policy and governance in Berlin. The topic of organizational change, and how a group can adapt new technologies to their work, was the subject of my PhD. Over the last decade, I have expanded my knowledge of organizational change and technological adaptation through experience as a software engineer and data analyst; and through coursework and training within my current master's studies. Some of my work contributed to peer-reviewed publications that can be viewed on my Google Scholar and ORCiD profiles.

Photo of me at NeMe Data for Care Traing in 2023. Link goes to the main page for my body data work.

I am a multidisciplinary artist. Drawing and creative writing constitute the core of my artistic practice, with a focus on participatory interventions, such as collaborative storytelling. Digital methods play a conceptual and analytic role in my work. My non-academic work has been published in The Posthumanist, and in physical and digital publications of My artist book "How do we know what we know about hormones" is currently in the process of publication by HumDrum Press.

In April 2023, I presented my art/research on body data at Data for Care @ NeMe Arts Center. In this ongoing project, I use performance and participatory drawing to investigate how people encounter body data. This work, ongoing since 2008, has included systematic self-reflection, such as through consumer self-tracking technologies; and extending to digital surveillance of human bodies.

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